1. CLASSIC - to facilitate the transfering of chopped products to the pot from the board without fear of slipping off the board

2. CLASSIC - grab the ring with both hands

3. FORT - lift the board

4. FORT - Partially over the edge of the pot

5. FORT - put the edge of the disc on the crown of the pot

6. MIX - we leave the ring to rest on the crown of the pot

7. MIX - a part of the lowered ring aligned with the disc allows easy sliding of the sliced products into the pot

8. FORT - grab the ring with both hands

9. CLASSIC - and put on the countertop, the ring will immediately return to its starting position

1. CLASSIC - With unlocked setting

2. FORT - Go to FORT setting

3. FORT - we can easily move with one hand the board and put the products into the pot

4. FORT - the ring and the disc are in this setting the stiffness construction

5. MIX – By chosing MIX setting

6. MIX - we can easily slide the products on the plate

7. FORT - The finely chopped products are safe on board

8. FORT - and to chop products finer

9. FORT - center the products by turning the knife around the ring

10. CLASSIC - centered products easier to slide off from the board to the plate

11. FORT - easy to cut more different products with locking wall

12. FORT - Sliced products are easier to transport with the raised ring