1. MIX - Using the diagonal setting of the ring

2. MIX - Put the knife blade flat on the ring

3. MIX - slicing the product and sliding the knife across the ring

4. MIX - we will get slices sliced equally at a slant

5. MIX - Depending on the position of the knife on the ring we can get different thicknesses of the slices

6. MIX - which can be used for example for drinks

7. MIX - or as a decoration

8. FORT - FORT setting will serve as a tray for serving

1. FORT – To avoid falling off the watermelon from the board we use the FORT setting

2. FORT - even after cutting in the FORT setting, we can put the watermelon halves on the edge ring

3. FORT - easier to cut into smaller pieces

4. FORT – By setting flat knife on the ring

5. FORT - we can cut equally slices

6. FORT – By holding the same knife setting

7. FORT - we can separate the skin from the flesh

8. FORT - sliding the watermelon slice towards the knife blade


1. FORT - By setting knife flat on the ring

2. FORT - cut the apples into slices of the same thickness

3. FORT - apple slices we can make "apples in batter"

4. FORT - For pineapple not to sway at peeling

5. FORT - the bulged part of it we put on the disc and the smaller part on the ring

6. FORT - cut the inedible part of pineapple with a knife, the knife blade will stop on the ring

7. FORT - A similar activity as with an apple can be made with banana or with other products